My primary objective is to ensure the City of Freeport’s Interests are Protected and Served, Firstly and Transparently.  And in doing so, we can Strategically Improve the Overall Perception of Freeport and Enhance the Quality of Life for all our families and guests.

Additionally, I will utilize the Ward A Council Position to Ensure the Voices and Needs of Ward-A are heard and met.

My platform is Simple:

Demand that our City Budget is applied Responsibly and Effectively toward:

  • Clean and Safe Water Supplies
  • Viable Sewage infrastructure and Flood Drainage
  • Lighting!! Old and New Street Light Posts to be Maintained and in Working Condition
  • Providing Free City-Wide Wi-Fi to help K-12 Distant Learning and enhance Quality of Life
  • Promoting and Enhancing Cleaner Beaches and Recreational Waterways
  • Supporting the Safety of our Police Presence and First Responder Departments
  • Attracting New Residential and Business Development


Ensure that the City of Freeport is always:

  • Negotiating Shrewdly and Fairly on all Contracts and Project Plans – No More Sweetheart Deals, No more Give-ways without Value in Return to City
  • Holding City Hall -top to bottom – Accountable
  • Providing Easy and Accessible Communications to allow for Greater Transparency, Timely Emergency Warnings, and Community Feedback Participation
  • Working with the Port of Freeport and all Local Industrial Businesses to ensure responsible growth, and safety for our families, respectively.

I am asking for your Vote to represent our Community in Ward A and to ensure City Hall focuses on the areas that matter most to Freeport!

Thank you.

Jeff Pena

Vote for Jeff Pena!